About Me

What about me….ohh its a little bit difficult question….but people is more interested to know who i am , yup its right question who i am , its a question , everybody can ask from them self , I am a person whose childhood was become very difficult , who never ask to buy anything from parents due to money issue in his family , a person who never cheated anybody in life , a person who always get around with fake people ,who laughing on him because he is different from them , in thinking or in styling or in attitude , i am a person who never being fake for others because he knows truth always wins.

I was an engineer for five years but i never been satisfy from myself bcoz i think that if i am engineer then who knows me , who i am in real me , before i was an engineer ,i was in modeling this can satisfy me and  i think its my passion , i do write blog , photography and write articles and love to do modeling bcoz these fields are open up your mind , they gives wings to your thinking to broaden up your attitude to compete the world.

You can find my below websites




You can also follow me on twitter @asoulrider and @iankitattri

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